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"Electric Car Conversion has been a hobby of mine for a while now and I’ve noticed a lot of EV Conversion Guides and manuals popping up on the internet over the past few years. Electric car conversion manuals and guides made the process of converting my car into an electric car easy. After I did my first EV conversion I decided to write a review on my findings and put together a list of the best EV conversion manuals and guides that I’ve found online, so you can cut the crap and get busy!" - Ben Jarvie

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Convert-2-EV (My #1 Choice)
Out of all EV Conversion manuals online, I like 'Convert 2 EV' the most. Written by Les and Jane Oke, this electric car conversion guide starts with the story of how this couple became accidental EV conversion hobbyists when they set out to power their home with alternative energy. Sourcing out batteries led them to 'EV Conversion' and the rest is electric car conversion history...

'Convert 2 EV' is the most comprehensive electric car conversion guide online and when you are ready to get busy converting your vehicle into an electric car, you should read this manual!

  • Well written and extremely easy to read EV Conversion guide
  • Gives you resources for electric car parts in your area
  • Offers a list of the best cars to convert into an EV
  • Learn the best methods to find electric car batteries
  • Gives you a breakdown of EV conversion tools
  • Learn how to re-condition your electric car battery
  • EV Conversion Helpdesk/Support
    (**This Helped Me Time and Time Again!**)

“Convert 2 EV” was written for people with no prior experience in electric car conversion and very basic knowledge of electric vehicles. I personally hadn’t even changed a pair of brake pads prior to purchasing this book…

'Convert 2 EV' is my favorite
Electric Car Conversion Guide!

Visit the Convert 2 EV Guide Website HERE!

electric car conversion "Just thought  we'd share  a Snapshot of the progress we are making since finally taking action with our first EV - Those guides and support has been a big contributor to getting this project moving."

- Doug, Steve & Mick in Texas.

'Convert 2 EV' starts by walking you through selecting the ideal donor car and gives you the resources you need to verify your selection because not all vehicles are suitable for electric car conversion. Les & Jane discuss choosing the right donor car, and how to choose the right electric car motor; taking into account your EV needs and which vehicle you have chosen to convert into an electric car.

ev conversion "Since downloading the guide from Convert2EV, I have now started building a electric car with my son using a 1972 Volkswagon Beetle - We are proud to say my sons first car is electric!"

- Luke Thorton & Son in Australia

If problems arise with your electric vehicle conversion, email support is always available and when I email my support questions, I receive a reply from Les within 1 day. Another benefit is the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which is great for peace of mind...

**You can buy Convert 2 EV and try it out for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied you can get a full refund!**

Les & Janes also offer you BONUS ebooks with your purchase which are valued at over $99 USD titled:

  • "Make Your Own Solar Panels"
  • "Build your Own Wind Generator"
  • "Renewable Energy Solutions"
  • "How to Make Your Own Bio Diesel"
  • My Overall Opinion: "Without the right guidance, Electric Car Conversion can be a very exhausting experience. After buying lots of How To guides on this topic personally, I can say this is the most helpful EV conversion manual online and Les by far offered the most assistance with my electric car conversion. Thank you Les! :)" - Ben Jarvie

    electric car conversion
    Review Score: electric car conversion Price
    Review Score: electric vehicle conversion Support
    Review Score: ev conversion Content

    Electricity 4 Gas (Advanced EV Conversion)
    If you are looking for an in-depth view on converting your vehicle into an electric car, than I recommend 'Electricity 4 Gas' by Peter Millard.

    This guide covers all of the topics that can be found in the 'Convert 2 EV' electric car conversion manual; but the author gets deeper into the topic with language and imagery that electric car conversion hobbyists can appreciate.

    • Insightful EV conversion tips and advice
    • In-depth electric car conversion information on all topics from car selection to picking the motor
    • Clear imagery and detailed EV conversion blueprints
    • Lists numerous resources for finding cheap EV batteries
    • Helps you find low cost electric car components
    • Offers electric car conversion support upon request

    The author of "Electricity 4 Gas" considers himself to be an environmental activist and this EV Conversion manual has been spreading around the globe, resulting in more electric car conversions!

    **"Electricity 4 Gas" also offers you a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on your purchase!***

    Plus, if you purchase "Electricity for Gas", author Peter Millard has decided to throw in a BONUS of 6 Additional Products Valued at over $100 USD - Related to Renewable Energy & Energy Saving Tips for your day to day...

    My Overall Opinion:"The "Electricity 4 Cars" EV Conversion Manual is a great resource to have when handling your electric car conversion because it offers advanced EV conversion techniques along with blueprints. Anyone new to electric car conversion should purchase "Convert 2 EV", but if you are looking for more from your EV conversion, the "Electricity 4 Cars" EV Conversion Manual is a great companion guide." - Ben Jarvie

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